Artist Gunter Demnig commemorates victims of the Nazi-regime by installing bronze  blocks in the sidewalks in front of their last chosen address.


These "Stolpersteine" (German for "stumbling blocks") carry the victims' names, dates of birth and death and destination of deportation.


By now, there are over 40.000 Stolpersteine in over 1.100 locations in 16 European countries.


In Munich, the city council decided to ban Stolpersteine from public ground in 2004.



Smartphone App

With our app, we install virtual Stolpersteine and complement these with the victims' biographies.


The Stolpersteine München App is a unique digital memorial:

Jews, Sinti, Roma, dissidents, homosexuals, Jehova's Whitnesses and the victims of euthanasia no longer remain anonymous. Their names, their faces and their biographies can be found here.


All that, at the place where they once lived and where people today pass by day after day without even thinking about it.


This way, we can create a public awareness for the terrible fate of the victims and an adequate form of rememberance, which also reaches the attention of younger people by using a fairly young electronic medium.

The Stolpersteine München App




The app notifies the user passing by  the former address of victims of the Nazi regime in Munich and the biographies, photos and information about the fate of the men, women and children who used to live here are displayed.


These digital Stolpersteine can also be browsed from at home or outside of Munich by clicking on them in the map overview.

The app is currently only available in German. Contact us to help us with translations of biographies.


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For every donation of 10 EUR, we research a name, the biography, the fate and the address of one victim and publish this virtual Stolperstein with the next app update.


With your donation, you help us keep the memory of a man, a woman or child alive.


The Stolpersteine München app can be downloaded from the appstores of the most common mobile platforms.


It is free to download, free to use and will always remain free.

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